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Comapre the Appollo Low Code Platform with alternatives.

More and more developers recognize that low code has the potential to become an important alternative to manual coding in the future. Gartner predicts that by 2024 more than 65% of all applications will be developed using low code and companies will use up to 4 different low code platforms.  (Source: Gartner, August 2019). It shows that many companies embed low code software development into their structures and use it as a solution for business related software. The questions that arise: Is low code really the best way? How do companies find the “Best Low Code Development Platforms” and what do they need to pay attention to?

Advantages of Low Code Application at a glance

  • Reach your goal faster: 10 times faster than manual coding for app development
  • Cost-efficient: App development significantly less expensive and less employee costs
  • User-friendly: Intuitive to use without much training effort, even for non-IT professionals
  • High quality: lower error rate and more efficient testing
  • More efficiency: Increases app production many times over
  • Reduced follow-up costs: easier and more cost-effective maintenance of apps
  • Versatile: You can create almost anything using low code, which can also be created using manual coding

So the advantages are obvious. Low code software development ensures that you can implement the programming of applications quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and highly agile. The graphical user interface makes the handling easy even for laymen. Data models, workflows, web applications and apps – all no longer a problem with Low Code Platforms.

What makes a “Best Low Code Development Platform”?

A low code development platform must be embedded in the corporate structures and be easy to use. This refers to the installation, development processes, technologies used and IT infrastructure, as well as to usability and integrative collaboration. We at Appollo offer direct deployment in the cloud and a one-click installer for an on-premise installation. The platform supports an agile and iterative development process.

With our integration technology you can integrate more than 1,000 different applications via low code. For optimal collaboration, we have developed an intuitive One Common Visual Language, which makes it possible to realize applications without any programming skills. The Best Low Code Development Platforms tool is faster, more powerful and more intuitive.

Appollo Low Code Development Platform

Appollo was founded in 2015 and since then connects people, machine and IoT in companies with your Low Code Development Platform. As a collaborative digitalization platform, it is our goal to promote the efficient digitalization of internal and cross-company processes. We provide future-oriented technologies and methods that make it easy to develop applications more easily, quickly and cost-effectively. With the Low Code Development Platform from Appollo, it is possible to achieve a market launch in the shortest possible time, with minimum operational effort and maximum security and scalability. The Appollo Low Code Development Platform is suitable for all industries, the public service and health care.

What do “Best Low Code Development Platforms” offer

Optimal collaboration between teams, maximum speed in digitalization, improved user experience thanks to ZERO Delivery Time and unique quality: With the “Best Low Code Development Platform” from Appollo, you are on the fast track. Your advantages with us:

  • A single, common platform for business, IT and users, which you can use from the very first second to visualize a business idea, with a seamless transition to the realization of the application.
  • Comprehensive graphical modeling that allows you to develop data models, workflows, case management, business rules, web applications and mobile apps without programming knowledge.
  • A development of diverse and arbitrarily complex enterprise applications with unlimited scalability and highest availability.
  • A significant reduction in your operating costs through comprehensive DevOps support, such as on-the-fly delivery or the shutdown and replacement of individual application functions without any system interruption.

What makes using the Low Code Platform so useful?

Most applications and tools on the desktop, tablet and smartphone today meet the extensive requirements of companies. Nevertheless, specific gaps often appear here that standard software cannot close. This is where tailor-made and internal solutions are required.

For you, this means that you need a tool that allows you to quickly deploy applications that offer specific functions, solve a problem or allow teams to work together more successfully. Low code platforms are the ideal way for IT departments to avoid tying up capacity for days or months, making this process much easier, more efficient and faster.

Best Low Code Development Platforms offer companies of all sizes the ability to quickly design, build, customize and deploy applications with virtually no coding. For ease of use, a drag-and-drop user interface, dialog flows and process modeling is combined. For you, this means that you can develop working apps within a few hours, ready for immediate use.

Reduce the burden on your IT with Low Code Software Development

Instead of tying up your IT capacities, you can relieve them with a low code development platform. Business departments and their employees can use low code to create efficient applications themselves, tailored to their individual needs. Who would know better where there are gaps than your employees who work in teams on a daily basis? IT only needs to take care of fine-tuning and optimization.

Side note: Definition of Low Code

The term “low code” was coined by the technology research and analysis company Forrester Research. The company defines low code application platforms as follows: “Platforms that enable rapid deployment of business applications with a minimum of manual coding and minimal up-front investment in setup, training, and deployment. Low code software development makes designing, deploying and using apps significantly faster, more efficient and supports your business in the long term. We would be happy to advise you about your options. Contact us.

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