Increase your efficiency with Business Process Model and Notation!

Business Process Model and Notation is a widely popular way to analyse and visualize your business system. Especially, if you want to monitor and improve your Business Process or workflows. Also known under the acronym BPMN is the worldwide standard for modelling Business Processes. Originally created by the respected Prof. Dr. Hartmut F. Binner in 1985, it took the business world by storm. In its early years, the visualization of Business Process just consists of so-calledswim lanes. Equivalent to swim lanes, the various participants in the Business Process are organized in lanes next to each other. Now it is easy to recognise relations of different participants at a glance.

In 2011 a more powerful tool, named Business Process Model and Notation 2.0, provides your company with a variety of tools and possibilities to create diagrams.

What is so special about Business Process Model and Notation?

In modern days, more and more companies require professional monitoring and analysis to keep space with the accelerating business developments. But not every company has its own IT department with experts, who are familiar with additional tracking softwares like UML. UML is an acronym for Unified Modelling Language. Basically, it is a programming language which enables Business process Model and Nation manually. But many companies simply do not have access to people who are capable of coding UML or simply do not need all the different modelling and notation tools. That is when Business Process Model and Notation comes in handy.

BPMN works with the low-code principal, meaning you can use a simple interface instead of high-code manual work. With simple drag-and-drop or intuitive buttons, BPMN is a high functioning tool even for people who never learned how to code. Moreover, Business Process Model and Notation has got the power to analyse and visualize your data in one step. Consequently, it is possible to create professional graphics which may help you keeping track of your business processes at a glance. Very handy in the daily rush!

Business Process Model and Notation– what diagrams are capable of!

The Business Process Model and Notation provides you with various tools to visualize your company’s data. But with that many options it is hard to find the right one for you. That is why APOLLO just not simply supply a powerful tool but also support from the outset.

With our APOLLO Low-code Development Platform we created a platform which makes low code Business Process Modelling Notation simple. Accelerate your Time-to-Market ratio with our visual modelling language. Naturally, we also support the standard of the Object Management Group (OMG) and using Case Management Modelling Notation (CMMN) for easy graphic visualization.

In cooperation with Camuda the APOLLO Business Process Model and Notation software stands out for its high performance and ideal workflow engine!

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