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  •    max. Projects/Project Users
  •    max. internal/external End Users
  •    max. Domains
  •    Rules Engine/Case Management
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  •    max. Storage/Applications
  •    shared/dedicated Systems
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0free forever
  • 10/100
  • 100/10.000
  • 1
  • -
  • 1
  • 10 GB/100
  • shared
  • Appollo Cloud
  • -
  • -
580per month
  • unlimited
  • 1.000/100.000
  • 1
  • -
  • 2
  • unlimited
  • shared
  • Appollo Cloud
  • -
  • Ticket
3.480per month
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • 1 + Upgrade
  • optional
  • 3 + Upgrade
  • unlimited
  • dedicated
  • Appollo Cloud/On Premise
  • 99,50%
  • 8x5 SLA + Upgrade
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  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • included
  • 4 + Upgrade
  • unlimited
  • dedicated
  • individual
  • 99,95%
  • 24x7 SLA

Each edition contains 100 internal and 10.000 external end users. All prices are net prices with an annual payment and are subject to our terms and conditions. You save 20% with an annual payment compared to a monthly payment.


Is everything included to develop my apps?
We always include the Appollo Modeling Studio, the Appollo User Portal and the runtime in all editions. All features needed to develop an application, digitalize a process or implement a mobile app is always present. Only Adaptive Case Management and the Rules Engine are only available as option for the gold version.
How many apps can I develop?
The number of developed applications is unlimited (except of the free edition). You can implement and deploy as much applications as you need.
What is the package size of additional end users?
You can order additional end users in packages of 100 internal and 10.000 external users.
Is the Community Edition free and what is included?
Everything inside the Community Edition is completely free to use, without any charges. It is hosted in shared instances in our cloud, while you are limited to 10 GB of space and 100 processes and apps.
Can I use it in my own cloud or on premise?
The Free and the Professional editions are running on our managed Appollo Cloud. The Enterprise and Ultimate editions may run on the managed Appollo Cloud, on your private cloud or even on premise.
Can I get further options, e.g. for a specific SLA?
Yes, if you need a specific SLA or would like to have another domain or environment, this is marked as “Upgrade” or “Option” in our pricing.
What is the difference between an external and an internal user?
An internal user is a user employed in your company and registered as end user of one of the applications you built. An external is, in contrary, not employed in your company, but a registered end user of one of the applications you built.
What is meant by dedicated system?
A dedicated systems means that you get your own instances of the Modeling Studio, User Portal and Runtime without sharing them with other clients.
When should I upgrade to another edition?
You can always upgrade to a higher version, we will take care of migration of all your data. An upgrade can be necessary if a higher SLA is needed, or the number of environments should be increased.

Individual License

If you have any further questions about the pricing model and editions or if you need an individual license model that best fits your needs please contact us.
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