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No matter whether smart home, online services of municipalities and city administration, industry software or industrial automation: These days, it’s hard to imagine applications without them. This results in a huge spectrum for low-code apps with sometimes highly complex possibilities. In addition to functionality, the application software must score points above all for user-friendliness, stability, maintainability and security.

Until now, meeting all these requirements has always required a great deal of expertise as a full-stack developer or software architect, as well as an enormous investment of time and budget. Not so with the Low-Code Plattform of Appollo. SIt offers all the means out-of-the-box to ensure an excellent user experience, maximum availability, the fastest possible adaptations and high security requirements. Weeks of coding are now a thing of the past. Instead, graphical development methods form the basis. With the Appollo Low Code Platform, you get a clear user interface on which you can design extensive and arbitrarily complex applications using drag-and-drop and minimal programming effort.

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For whom is low-code app development with Appollo suitable and what can be programmed with it?

Low Code App Development

Low-code app development with Appollo is worthwhile for laymen or newcomers to programming, because extensive coding is not required – but experienced developers also benefit. After all, the individual work steps go much faster by hand. This not only saves time, but also financial resources. In general, low-code app development with Appollo is aimed in particular at:

  • Business-Analysts
  • Domain Experts
  • IT Professionals
  • Citizen Developer

For the aforementioned target groups, app development using low-code pays off especially well. But of course it is open to everyone. Thanks to the intuitive handling it is just as suitable for end users, because it is precisely they who have the knowledge and only need to represent this graphically – with just a few clicks, the application is online. Incredible? If you are interested, simply contact us. We will show you how fast you can achieve everything with the Appollo Low Code Platform and give you the possibility to develop any kind of applications you like.

Web Applications

No matter what you want to realize as a web application, the collection and editing of data, dashboards for management reporting or an extensive online application: For your Low-Code Web-Application Appollo not only offers a full range of user interface elements for an excellent user interface, but also enables clear and easy-to-understand graphical modeling of dialog sequences that can be nested as deeply as you like – including access to your databases, system infrastructure and external systems, of course.

Mobile Apps

Just a few years ago, the only way to create mobile apps was through costly native app development and additional programming to support iOS and Android. Thanks to Appollo’s integrated Progressive Web App technology (PWA) you can create mobile apps and web apps with the same graphical models using drag-and-drop – regardless of the operating system. You also no longer need an app store, but simply install your mobile app on the home screen via the browser. All you have to do is configure a handful of parameters with the Appollo Low Code Platform and a mobile app is created from a web application. You don’t need an IT professional for this anymore. Guaranteed!

Core Business Apps

No matter what industry, be it banking, insurance, logistics, medicine, pharmaceuticals or the public sector, companies’ core applications are typically outdated and incur high maintenance costs. The reason for this is often lost knowledge and the fact that developers are hard to find. This hinders digital transformation. With the Microservices Technology of the Appollo Low Code Platform and intuitive graphical modeling, you can renew, create and change your core application in no time at significantly lower costs – ideally tailored to your business model.

Process Digitalization

With the powerful, standardized modeling languages BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation), CMMN (Case Management Modeling Notation) and DMN (Decision Modeling Notation), your employees simply digitize their daily tasks themselves! From then on, data entry, for example, will be a breeze. Everything can be adapted to internal and external process flows, case processing and business rules. This puts an end to paperwork or multiple applications at the same time. Instead, everything is located under a uniform interface of your Low-Code App and you gain in overview as well as productivity.


What sounds like a far-reaching term is revolutionizing our entire lives: The Internet of Things connects people, machines and objects and is a driver of innovation and digitization. It includes Smart City Apps, Digital Twins, Predictive Maintenance or even Animal Tracking via Google Maps. The possibilities are immense! In order to realize such IoT apps in the simplest way, Appollo provides you with an enormously simple no-code integration of IoT devices, so that any layman can realize IoT apps within days or even hours. Of course, all this happens without data loss, even with high data volumes.

Industry 5.0 Apps

Whereas Industry 4.0 was intended to optimize performance by networking machines, processes and systems, Industry 5.0 goes one step further. Thus, further efficiency and productivity gains are achieved by improving the interactions in the collaboration between people and machines. In this context, Appollo is the world’s only low-code platform that enables the vertical Business Solutions drequired for this through no-code integration of industrial platforms. A good example of this is the ctrlX Automation Platform from Bosch Rexroth. With a uniquely high development speed, new Industry 5.0 apps are created every day, simply by drag-and-drop and without any IT professionals.

The advantages of low-code app development with Appollo

Pure graphical development

Graphical Development

Low-Code App Development uses model-based and visual methods, that let you create your own app in just a few clicks. Enervating coding is a thing of the past!

Rapid App Development

Rapid App Development

Developing a new app has never been easier. Instead of hiring multiple app developers to build for months, low-code app development succeeds in a fraction of the time. Experience shows that with the Appollo Low-Code Platform 80 to 90% of an application can be realized via no-code. Only the business logic requires a few lines of code on corresponding model elements.

Counteracts shortage of skilled workers

Shortage of skilled workers

The system behind the Low-Code App is so simple and self-explanatory that even technically interested laymen can quickly access it. This means you don’t have to go in search of a professional developer. Instead, you ensure cooperation with so-called Citizen Developer in the specialist departments, who take care of the low-code app development and maintenance. This is also financially worthwhile for your company and at the same time counteracts the shortage of IT specialists

Cost-cutting at all levels


Realizing low-code apps with Appollo saves you a lot of expenses. First of all, development costs are significantly lower than with traditional programming, as you save time and IT professionals. It also reduces the total cost of ownership – a factor that many companies often overlook when starting development the normal way. This includes all the IT costs of maintaining the app: in addition to implementation costs, maintenance and IT infrastructure and operation of the application, among others. With the Appollo Low-Code Platform, the aforementioned points are quickly taken off your hands; after all, the cloud infrastructure is directly available to you. In addition, administrative activities are reduced to a minimum. Another important concept is Total Cost of Change. With Appollo, you can make any change to the app – be it an adaptation or the replacement of an essential function – with just a few clicks. The traditional app development would need a multiple of development effort in this case.

What differentiates Appollo Systems from other low-code vendors?

All In One Platform

We at Appollo Systems are not the only providers of low-code app development. However, we are enormously different from the competition. After all, Appollo is the only all-in-one low-code platform that supports the entire application lifecycle with business analysis, requirements management, design, implementation, test automation and operations for all industries. This enables you to seamlessly transition from business analysis to low-code app development – in other words, IT business alignment without any media discontinuity. Agile project management is also included thanks to graphical issue management with Kanban Board.

Innovation Cycle

Another unique feature is our microservices technology with on-the-fly delivery, thanks to which you can implement changes to the app without a system shutdown and without operational support. This way, we guarantee you the highest app availability.

Would you like to use Citizen Development? We offer you the necessary governance and controlling mechanisms. In addition, we support you for a fast ramp-up phase. Of course, security must not fall by the wayside: We enable the highest security standards through fine-granular authorization settings for modeling, deployment and external system access, which only give access to authorized users through double password protection. Exploiting SQL injection or logging access data to external systems is impossible with Appollo.

We draw all this know-how from many years of experience in the IT field. The enormous range of functions ensures that you currently develop your low-code app with Appollo on what is probably the most complete low-code platform in the world. Get in touch with us and benefit from it too!

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