Using low code development, digital transformation challenges can be won

Digital process models that adapt to new conditions in real time, individual software solutions and digital work environments are a key success factor for successful companies of tomorrow. Low code development helps small businesses as well as global players in every industry. In this context, companies are primarily confronted with the Digital Transformation Challenge to have the necessary know-how for the provision, administration and further training:

  • Excellently trained experts are rare
  • The increasing number of programming languages ​​and increasingly complex infrastructures make efficient digitization even more difficult

The provision of the required staff and the costs of maintaining the front and back end are simply not manageable for many companies. Fortunately, they can rely on the extensive range of services from APPOLLO Systems. APPOLLO not only provides the necessary infrastructure, but also ensures smooth operations and the provision of user-friendly solutions.

These solutions allow suitably qualified personnel to develop tailor-made solutions even without in-depth knowledge of different programming languages. Low code development is the secret here.

Master Digital Transformation Challenges via Low Code Development Platforms!

Individual software solutions and programs are on the wish list of many companies. Unfortunately, many companies are not yet informed about low code development. In the past, this wish was often only insufficiently fulfilled: the necessary financial and / or human resources were simply lacking. APPOLLO Systems, however, is now simplifying the low code development of individual solutions in a special way, which allows almost every company to fulfill their wishes. Qualified personnel no longer have to learn a variety of complex programming languages, but can work flexibly and with the help of low code development platforms. Previous problems can be avoided by using low code development. These include the following:

  • Lack of ability to provide solutions in the right place at the right time
  • Lack of flexibility and adjustment periods that are too long
  • High costs that previously prevented implementation
  • Recruitment and development of qualified personnel
  • Poor quality of results

The lack of traditional programming, the use of frameworks and middleware makes low code development so successful and opens up completely new development opportunities for many companies.

Low code development creates a balance between costs and benefits

In the past, the main problem was the complexity in developing tailor-made solutions. However, this complexity can be significantly reduced by using low code development platforms. In-house developers no longer have to learn all of the skills, but can use a pool of development aids. These were in turn developed by highly qualified APPOLLO Systems employees and tailored to the needs of the target group. Software development is becoming more flexible, similar to how it is adapted. Response times to errors and problems are significantly reduced and allow cost-efficient management.

Starting from a single low code development platform, users can use a single visual programming language to solve problems. The extent to which this is used, can also be individually scaled. Of course, APPOLLO also provides corresponding standards such as OMG, DMN or BPMN, if required. In collaboration with the Camunda Workflow Engine and Camunda Decision Engine, companies can make progress virtually overnight that would otherwise have taken many years.

Interested? You can experience low code development and other options in a test environment at any time!

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