Low Code Platform – Programming made easy

A low code platform provides you with a graphical user interface that allows you to implement applications incredibly fast. This ensures that the conventional programming effort is significantly reduced.

Instead of the usual manual programming of millions of lines of code, you develop applications with a Low Code Development Platform using graphical elements that are easy to use via Drag & Drop. The Low Code Platform offers an intuitive, visual modeling language and can be easily used by any non-programmer, such as business analysts and so-called Citizen Developer.

Also the provision of the application for the users becomes much easier and more efficient with a Low Code Platform.

Why a Low Code Platform?

You have innovative ideas and want to realize them without any effort? A Low Code Development Platform is your best choice. Data models, workflows, web applications and apps – with our Low Code Platform you have the right tool for the realization of highly complex applications. You work in your home office and want to develop an application together with your colleagues, external partners and the feedback of your customers? Take advantage of the high productivity in collaboration with your colleagues on a common platform. The result can be directly integrated into your live systems.

A Low Code Development Platform thus closes the gap between the growing demands of companies and the provision of IT capacities.

What are the advantages of a Low Code Development Platform?

With a Low Code Development Platform you transform complex development processes of applications and apps into simple steps that are visually implemented. It enables companies to be significantly more agile and accelerate digital transformation, giving you a competitive edge.

Another advantage of the Low Code Platform is the cross-platform mobility. APIs and third-party systems can be integrated robustly and even by non-IT professionals via NO code.

Further advantages are among others:

  • Develop applications without complex coding
  • cross-team collaboration in the cloud
  • understandable for laymen without programming knowledge
  • Development of arbitrary applications for different use cases
  • Reduction of development effort and significantly lower costs
  • Acceleration of the digital transformation

The future begins with a Low Code Platform

The IT research company Forrester showed that in 2019 more than a third of developers were already using a Low Code Platform. Gartner predicted that by 2024, low code platform application development will account for more than 65% of all app development capabilities and 66% of large enterprises will use at least four low code platforms. Now is the perfect time to start the future before anyone else. We at Appollo support you with our Low Code Platform

Appollo: We help you to get fit in terms of Low Code Platform

We help you to understand the low code technology, step by step – create a customized low code vision, implement it and then scale and extend it.

Phase 1: Together with you as our customer we explore the world of our Low Code Platform. You will get a first overview of the various applications and potentials of Low Code by means of a proof of concept.

Phase 2: Together we define the requirements for implementing the low code strategy that fits your company, your digital business strategy and existing technologies.

Phase 3: Based on the concept that has emerged from the previous phases, we develop the customized application and integration structure for your first pilot applications using the Low Code Platform.

Phase 4: We support you in the implementation of your business applications and train employees in the optimal use of the Low Code Platform.

Phase 5: For even more effective results, we advise you on the possibilities of scaling and expansion.

Contact us right away. We don’t bring the future into the now, but make sure that you are the future!

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