German Low Code Day – 27.09.23 Hannover

30.08.2023 – Mario Herdt

The German Low Code Day 2023 will take place on September 27. The venue is the Design Office in Hannover

Visitors to the German Low-Code Day 2023 can expect up-to-date, relevant and interesting information on the topic of low code/non-code.

The congress is primarily aimed at IT decision-makers from medium-sized and large companies and administrative institutions. In several parallel lecture tracks, experts and customers will report on their experiences in using low-code as well as on new technical developments and current trends. Representatives from politics and science and a renowned futurology institute will also be present. Over 300 participants are expected to attend.

Appollo Systems will participate as a Silver Partner with a presentation in the area of Low Code Excellence on the topic “Unlock Full Potential Of Your Company Through Business Development”. A customer example from railway engineering will be used to demonstrate the most important factors for the successful implementation of a low-code project with business developers.



Middle East Low Code / No Code Summit – Dubai 14th September 2022

15.08.2022 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

The Middle East Low Code / No Code Summit will take place on September 14. The location is the Habtoor Grand Resort – Autograph Collection in Dubai

The event will focus on the role of low code and no code platforms for digital acceleration in Middle East enterprises.

Over 120 senior executives from public and private companies are expected to attend, who are in the midst of the qualification and re-evaluation process to select vendors for their digital transformation needs.

Appollo Systems will participate with an exciting presentation on the topic of “Citizen Development” as a Gold Partner, with a special focus on the critical aspects of Governance, Controlling and Security.

Appollo Systems – ctrlX World Partner of Bosch Rexroth

21.05.2022 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth overcomes the classic boundaries between machine control, the IT world, and the Internet of Things. We have integrated this open automation system into the Appollo Low Code Platform, creating the world’s most unique low code platform for implementing vertical industry solutions for Industry 5.0.

To this end, Appollo provides easy orchestration and control of industrial workflows at the management system level. Not only IT professionals, but also citizen developers can implement applications based on the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform within a few weeks or even days and access real-time data via no-code.


Forrester Now Tech Report Q4/2021 – Digital Process Automation Platforms

03.11.2021 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

We are proud to be mentioned by Forrester as one of the most important DPA providers in the latest Forrester Now Tech Q4/2021 report on Digital Process Automation Platforms (DPA). The Appollo Low Code Platform completely covers all DPA functionality segments, defined by Forrester.

  • Case management is a unique challenge. Complex processes run the gamut from highly structured and data-centric to more ad hoc and content-centric. Many platforms with deep roots in dynamic case management (DCM) also have robust workflow and low-code capabilities, but case management remains a unique technical challenge.
  • Process automation remains critical. DPA automation requires extensive capabilities in modeling, orchestrating, managing, scaling, and monitoring processes across a wide array of disparate but complementary technologies and human states.
  • Low-code development is front and center for many. While low-code is a core functional requirement for process automation and case management offerings to build solutions quickly with deeper business participation, these platforms can also double as general low-code development platforms.


EUROPEAN BUSINESS ANALYSIS DAY 24.9.2021 – Presenting Latest Appollo Features

15.06.2021 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

We have been patient and are happy to announce that the 3rd European Business Analysis Day can safely take place by end of September 2021. For a second time we are a premium sponsor of this conference.

At our booth we are ready to present our latest features for business analysts. We enhanced the integrated issue management to evaluate the model hierarchy based on issue types and issue priority. It enables you to derive strategic decisions graphically on findings, risks, recommendations or requirements.

Forrester Interview – Progressive Web App Technology (PWA)

21.04.2021 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

Our current sprint release comes up with a major new feature: Progressive Web App (PWA). From now on you can develop mobile and web app on one single code base. You only need to configure some basics like the short name and the icons of your mobile app – that’s all. Then you can install the app directly from the browser on the home screen of your smart device or desktop without any app store.

The current PWA technology covers about 90% of native app development dependent on the browser, which means that the major functions of a smart phone are available including even offline working possibility. As a major provider of low code platforms that include PWA we were interviewed by Forrester, who printed my statement in the Forrester Report – All In This Together: Make The Right Call When Deciding To Integrate Mobile And Web Development

 “The use of PWA requires the analysis of supported native app features of different browser versions by developers. Therefore, we frequently check the PWA browser compatibility to directly support recently added native app browser features by the Appollo Low Code Platform.”

Forrester Now Tech Q1/2021 – General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms

15.02.2021 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

We are proud to be listed in the Forrester Now Tech report as General-Purpose Low-Code Development Platforms for professional developers. According to Forrester these platforms allow enterprises to:

  • Build applications significantly faster than coding them. How? They speed development through workflow diagramming, WYSIWYG experience design, data mapping, question-and-answer interfaces, prebuilt components, built-in quality checks, automated app deployment, and other declarative tools.
  • Spark digital innovation. The ability to cheaply and easily try new app ideas both inspires and enables digital innovation. Also, the built-in quality of low-code’s declarative tooling is inherently more adaptive and less fragile than coded apps. This enables quick changes in response to crisis, the need for continuous improvement, or other business needs.
  • Engage the business and empower developers outside of central IT. These platforms provide tooling for noncoders to either contribute to professionally led app projects (through prototyping and other dev tasks) or to deliver entire projects themselves. For most firms, empowering and collaborating with businesspeople is the most credible strategy to address the high volume of unmet development needs.

BPMN, CMMN and DMN – Bringing all three OMG standards together

03.08.2020 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

We are pleased to announce our upcoming release containing dynamic case management and a rules engine based on the CMMN and DMN standard.

According to Forrester, the Appollo Low Code Platform is the only platform that provides all three standards of the Object Management Group (OMG):

  • BPMN – Business Process Model and Notation
  • CMMN – Case Management Model and Notation
  • DMN – Decision Model


15.01.2020 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt


Online in 3 minutes! Digitalize your first process. Learn more…


From now on, Appollo Systems will be engaging with Forrester analysts and research, which will help to shape our strategic road map and grow in the market.

One focus will be to support Citizen Developer with Low-Code. By enhancing their user experience and with just a few clicks, they will create their applications using intelligent auto configurations.


As a business analyst, process manager and end user, you have the technical knowledge. So create your apps and digitalize your processes with the Appollo Platform – even without any IT.


BERLIN 24.10.2019 – BERLIN LOW-CODE DAY 2019

01.09.2019 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt


Visit our exhibition stand and our presentation. Learn more…


The first Berlin Low-Code Day takes place on 24.10.2019. The event will feature renowned speakers such as John Rymer (Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research) as keynote speaker.

Together with major providers of Low-Code Platforms, you will learn all aspects of low-code and no-code.


WIEN 13.-14.11.2019 – Pzm Summit der Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement

15.08.2019 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt


Visit our exhibition stand and our presentation. Learn more…


In 2019, the Gesellschaft für Prozessmanagement (GP) will host the largest event focusing on “State of the Art”-Prozess Management in the German-speaking world for the 17th time. Numerous top-class speakers from business and science share their process management know-how in seminars, lectures and discussions. About 400 people from process, project, risk and quality management participate.

With the 17. Summit, GP impressively underlines its innovation leadership. The Summit is successfully positioned as the independent top event in process management for the German-speaking world!

This year’s summit offers the latest topics such as process mining, agile process management, processes 4.0 and their organisational anchoring with interesting practical reports. The continuous IT support of processes is another focal point. The digitalization of processes and their implementation – also in service organisations – is presented in a clear and practical manner.


FRANKFURT 14.-15.1920 – EUROPEAN BA-DAY 2020

01.07.2019 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

After the first two BA-DAY events, this conference has definitely established itself in Central Europe as a meeting place for the English-speaking business analysis community. Participants from more than 35 nations met in Frankfurt and gave a very good feedback on the level and quality of the workshops and presentations as well as the excellent international networking opportunities.

The 3rd BA-DAY will take place again in Frankfurt on 14 and 15 May 2020, Tickets are already available here. If you have participated in the first or second BA-DAY, you will certainly consider to attend again. If not, you should not miss this chance again! Photos and videos of previous BA-DAY events can be found in the Archiv.

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