Low-Code: Citizen Developer Apps

Citizen Developer – Create APPs without Programming

01.12.2019 – Dr. Eckhard Herdt

The future of app development is different. Together with the so-called Citizen Developers, business analysts, process managers and end users will develop their own apps and digitalize their own processes in the future.

The magic word is Low-Code Technoloy and it’s simple, graphical and drag&drop – without IT at all.

Citizen Developers are end users who develop applications for themselves and others using development environments provided by IT. They aren’t professional programmers, but someone with the knowledge and technical understanding to meet the requirements. Unlike previous applications, which were often standalone applications based on tools such as Excel and Access, Citizen Developers today can even build online applications using Low-Code Platforms.

No-Code – Prozess Digitalisation in 3 MinutES

ProCess management – Digitalize your process using BPMN and Low Code

  • Make use of the full BPMN 2.0 scope
  • Integrate DB access via No-Code
  • Send emails using a BPMN Send Task
  • Generate PDF documents from templates
  • Create user tasks of any complexity

User Experience – Create your user interface via drag&drop and low-code

  • Use more than 50 UI elements
  • Use nestable templates
  • Generate UI Panels from your data
  • Use multilanguage labels, tooltips, error messages by no code
  • Validate the user input by no-code

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