Enjoy all the agility to be ahead of any time-to-market requirement

The days when you had to wait for quarterly or half-yearly release cycles to go live are history. Did you know, for example, that Amazon deploys new software every 11.6 seconds? Today, the accelerated delivery of applications is crucial for organisations and a key success factor for digitalization.

That’s why we integrated the ability to deliver all types of changes – including new features, configuration changes and hot fixes – safely, quickly and as efficiently as possible into the Appollo Low Code Platform from the very beginning. It’s quite simple, at the click of a button!

Just click the publish button and your complete application or change is live. Without system downtime and completely without operations and application support, if you like.

Develop completely independent of different environments

To make this work as easy as possible, we provide you with our Continuous Delivery & Deployment Technology. In combination with our Environment Independent Innovation Technology and automated tests, we support the environment independent development as well as your high quality requirements. Of course, these frameworks can be seamlessly integrated into your existing continuous delivery & deployment pipeline.

Your advantages: A shortened time-to-market, less administration and a significant reduction in operational costs.


Just one click at the Publish button and a Microservice is live

Imagine you discover an issue in the application and a few minutes later that issue is resolved. Or think of an optimization idea and within a few hours it will be used in a profitable way by your customers. This is certainly a customer experience at the highest level!

Would you like to know how this works? With the Appollo Microservice architecture, we offer you exactly those successes: high customer satisfaction and a fast time to market with maximum system availability.

In order to make everything fit together we take care of the right versions

The Appollo Low Code Platform was designed from its very beginning so that the applications developed by it are always based on such a microservice architecture. Because a microservice architecture is the essential prerequisite for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Each individual model, such as process, dialog or service, or even a single dialog module (UI panel) represents such a microservice and can be published individually. In addition, each model can be individually tested automatically, an essential prerequisite for your high quality goals.

Runtime and development versions are always synchronized. You can sit down and relax. Even critical errors are thus eliminated within the shortest period of time. The exchange of individual models is even possible during operations without system downtime. This means no downtime for you, even with the largest changes of your application.

The result: high user satisfaction, fast return on investment and a significant reduction of operational costs.


How to avoid production damage

Do you know this scenario? One user reports an incorrect booking due to a software bug and a few minutes later many more users encounter the same error situation. For sure you can imagine the damage this could result in and to what extent the company reputation would suffer.

Wouldn’t it be better if such a failure only happened once and the same failure could be prevented and fixed immediately before the damage would escalate? Then we offer you the solution.

Simply switch off the broken service until it is fixed.

Our unique Service Health Care Technology is designed to prevent such large-scale production damages. The Service Health Care technology allows you to shut down any microservice until you release it again after a successful troubleshooting.

It works just like at home when you switch off a fuse until you have repaired your heating. Just as you can turn off one circuit and continue to use all other electrical equipment, you can continue to use the rest of the application because only the failed service is turned off.

What’s more: with our innovative Service Health Care technology, you even have the option of activating a microservice with a delay, in the sense of pilot testing.

Only Appollo offers you this option of zero fault tolerance, which not only helps you to prevent production damage, but also ensures an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.


Have a seat in the cockpit and enjoy an excellent monitoring

The Appollo Cockpit provides you with a powerful tool for the real-time monitoring of your processes as well as the evaluation of standard KPI and application-specific KPI. This includes typical dashboards with flexibly configurable statistics as well as graphical visualization of statistical evaluations directly on the process model.

This allows you to visualize optimization potentials, such as bottlenecks or overloading, directly on the graphical process model.

You can read out your KPIs directly from the Appollo Data Warehouse – without any additional transformation

In addition, you can easily use the Appollo Data Warehouse for monitoring and optimization, as well as for risk management, governance and compliance. This is because the Appollo Data Warehouse is organized as a relational database from the very beginning. This allows you to perform DWH evaluations with any SQL tools and without complex transformation of proprietary data constructs. For example, you can directly connect BI tools for business activity monitoring without any extra effort.

The Appollo Cockpit in connection with BI-Tool based Business Activity Monitoring offers you all possibilities for an efficient, continuous monitoring and optimization of your business applications.


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