Digitalization without any programming knowledge

The trend towards the digital enterprise primarily means one thing: Speed.

Since speed is the crucial success factor for launching new products or adapting existing services to the digital world, the Appollo Low Code Platform provides you with this speed through Low-Code and even No-Code. This means for you: digitalization without any programming knowledge. Because our digital world is different. Business analysts and so-called “Citizen Developers” create their own applications and change them graphically with the mouse using drag & drop. No matter whether it’s data, dialogs, processes or interfaces to other systems. The IT department only provides the basic essentials. The Appollo Low Code Platform does the rest for you.

Digitalizing business processes and business rules

Digitalize your processes using BPMN 2.0 Standard (Business Process Modeling Notation). Model graphical elements as well as business objects via drag&drop and associate the elements with the corresponding data, e.g. when sending an e-mail. Simply with the mouse. How else?

In this way, you can digitalize typical „Human Workflows“ as well as high-speed service orchestrations and transactions. No matter whether these are customer processes, administrative processes, industrial processes or processes that involve the interaction between humans and machines. In this way, you can also digitalize the manifold processes all around the Internet of Things.

The Appollo Low Code Platform can also be used to digitalize unstructured processes, such as those that occur in case management. Here, too, we use a standard from the OMG (Object Management Group), called CMMN (Case Management Modeling Notation).

You create your business rules according to the DMN Standard (Decision Modeling Notation) and the so-called FEEL Language (Friendly Enough Expression Language). A comfortable dialog allows you to maintain your decision tables. The graphical DMN elements enable you to link decision tables according to your business rule. Using a Business Rules Task, you integrate such a set of rules, the Decision Requirements Model, into your business process.

The Workflow Engine and Business Rules Engine from Camunda ensure an outstanding performance of your processes and business rules at runtime. You can choose to integrate either the open source version or the enterprise edition of Camunda.


Of course, you can see your result directly in the preview and you can immediately bring it live into production – at the click of a button and on-the-fly, which means without system downtime.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the launch of a single dialog, service or the entire application. You only need days or a few weeks to create your applications instead of months. Your development costs are significantly reduced.

The well-known market research institute Forrester Research therefore concludes: “Low-code development platforms are growing significantly because more and more experts in application development and delivery see these products as an opportunity to increase both speed to market and customer satisfaction. Professionals trust that low-code platforms will reliably support the rapid roll-out of even large and complex solutions.

Join us on the fast lane. You too can switch to low code!


System and database access by No-Code

No matter whether it is the automation of a simple, administrative process or the complex digital transformation of a company: They all require data to be shared with a wide range of systems and in different formats. This requires an efficient, maintainable integration as well as a secure and consistent data management across system boundaries. The Appollo Easy Connect Technologie offers all of these features: easy-to-use, fast and transparent.

Using pre-built connectors based on standard protocols (REST, JDBC, CMIS, etc.), you can integrate CRM, ECM, ERP systems or databases, for example. Corresponding data objects and configurations can be generated at the click of a button based on the data imported of these systems. You can realize the transparent and performant data exchange across different systems in special models using NO code through easy-to-use data mapping including format conversion and optional data caching.

You can model any view objects on database entities, even across multiple databases. With such view objects you can process your data using a low-code connector without any programming knowledge.

Changes in system integration and data exchange can be brought into production without interrupting the production system.

Integrate proprietary systems through No-Code

In the same way, you can integrate a proprietary system or any service component quickly and efficiently using the free-form Custom Connector. We also use it to process documents such as PDF or standard Office documents such as Microsoft Excel and Word. All this can be done easily with the mouse and by drag & drop!

Your advantage for all technologies: System integration can be done very quickly with little technical effort. Our Easy Connect Technology also minimizes the testing effort to a very low degree. In this way, we significantly reduce the integration effort, so that you can use your results for your customers more quickly.


Create reusable dialog components directly from your data at the click of a button

What makes the Appollo Low Code Platform outstanding is its intuitive, graphical usability using drag & drop and efficient modeling using low- and no-code. This means that even people without any programming experience can immediately develop their own applications independently and without IT. But it can be even better, easier and faster!

We are talking about generation rather than modeling. For instance, it is sufficient to model only data in order to automatically generate a ready-to-use dialog component, e.g. for entering addresses or bank account details. Flexible, of course, regarding the layout and selective, regarding the data. Because our generator is not static, but does exactly what you want it to do. Our generator not only generates dialog components, but also complete dialogs based on the data and even complex master-detail dialogs for spreadsheet processing. Flexible and selective, the way you want it to be.

Of course, such components are maintainable centrally and reusable. As a unique feature, these elements can be exchanged on-the-fly during runtime. This is certainly an enormous quality and cost advantage.

Feed our generator with your API specification for a low-code system integration

Likewise efficient is the utilization of the Appollo Generator Technology for the integration of external systems. At the click of a button, you generate all the necessary data and interface models, e.g. from a WADL or Swagger specification, to exchange data directly with your external systems using low-code and the REST API Connector. Of course, the Appollo Generator Technology also offers this for external databases in order to process data immediately using Low-Code and the DB Connector. And with document processing such as Excel or XML, our generator works just as fast and comfortable, so that you can process these types of documents in the same way using the low-code connector.

You will not only save development time, but also test time. The generator always produces a high quality and you no longer have to test the results. Guaranteed!


Create added value for your system infrastructure through reusable components

Existing systems and data are a valuable asset and therefore reuse begins with your system infrastructure in which the Appollo Low Code Platform integrates seamlessly. Using BPMN Standard, you can orchestrate your existing macro and microservices and thus create a flexible basis for new, innovative business ideas. This creates a significant added value for your current systems.

Our Appollo Base App Technology supports you in maintaining this basis centrally in a simple way and to re-use it in many small and complex projects. The Appollo Base App Technology offers any kind of modularization for an optimal and efficient reuse of central components and services. Similarly, the Appollo Base App Technology allows you to create a unified customer experience for your applications. UI elements can also be maintained centrally in this way and made available centrally in compliance with your corporate design specifications.

On-the-fly delivery without system downtime for a brilliant customer experience

Moreover, the optional static or dynamic integration of such base apps offers even more. In combination with our other technologies, such as Microservice Architektur or Continuous Delivery & Deployment, you can create new customer experiences at the click of a button and without downtime in all applications which dynamically integrate such base apps.

By using the Appollo Base App Technology you have a powerful, additional instrument at your fingertips to quickly realize new business ideas and put them to work profitably..


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