Why is EVERYBODY talking about low code?

Low coding has a tremendous impact on how apps are developed nowadays. A few years ago, it was necessary to really understand high coding to develop a functioning software. Nowadays the promise of the low code implies, that for successful app developing, you do not need complicated codes. Just the bare minimum of knowledge is necessary. That makes low code so attractive for the everyday user, who wants to create his software easily, instead of becoming an IT-expert. Also, it increases your idea to market ratio, meaning you are able to publish new content easier and faster.

In modern days, using low code is widely accepted in all business areas and variety customizations. In 2022, experts even expect that the low code sector could reach an annual global spending of $ 21 billion.

How does low code application development work?

Low code works with the idea of intuitive working. The approach is to reduce the amount of manual programming, while working with prebuilt templates and components. The user is able to visualize his dream without getting a major introduction to the tool. Usually, a low code user selects and manipulates items and fields in a drag-and-drop interface. Some tools provide AI-powered features, such as predictive coding, that suggest next steps for developers as they type code.

However, it is important to mention that the code is not just gone. It is just hidden behind the user interface, aka front space, and can be seen in the back end. This possibility is important for more individual customizations in cooperation with a high code developer. Low code does not mean no code!

Even if low code platforms are designed for easy usability, it does not mean that coding skills are not helpful. In our modern days, everybody is thinking he is an IT-expert, although he is just using Instagram on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, that is why we see citizen development projects fail on a regular basis. On the other hand, it is also possible that high skilled IT-specialists design a perfectly fine app, but it is just too complicated for the regular audience. Through trial and error, most organizations eventually find ways to work around these obstacles. But in the continuously changing fast business: Time is money!

How to prevent low code failure?

Considering the fact, that a successful app development consists of multiple steps, it is no surprise that developers need assistance. That is why, Appollo Systems helps after purchasing low code platform. We offer a high functioning platform with multiple tools and special trainings for beginners, advanced, experts and admins. Just check it out!

Low code development can solve several problems, as long as there is careful attention to who will use a particular app and what those users need to accomplish it.

If you are having additional questions about Appollo Systems or low code, please do not hesitate contacting our customer service.

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