Appollo Modeling Studio

To understand the basic low-code and BPMN modeling concepts of the Appollo Modeling Studio we recommend to read the Quick Start Guide sections initially.
Available Model Types are described in detail in the second section of this manual.
  • Answers to specific questions about low-code and BPMN modeling can be found in the sections of Modeling Features, which explain the general concepts of modeling.
  • Use Samples and Tranings to understand the concepts of creating executable applications.
The Appollo Modeling Studio provides additional Advanced Features:
  • The Collaboration feature provides discussion and comment possibilities for models and model elements.
  • The Issue Management supports project management as well as requirements and business analysis.
  • The Version Management of models and projects manages complex deployment versions of applications.
  • The Access Rights are role-based and can be assigned for models and project folders.
  • The Multi Language Capabilities are available for executable applications.
A future release of the Appollo Low Code Platform will contain optional features like a CMMN based Case Management and a DMN based Decision Requirements Modeling for a rules engine.
Finally, administrators as well as project managers should read the Administration Guide.