• Appollo User Portal

Appollo User Portal

Appollo User Portal provides both the User Interface Portal and allows to execute and run the Business Process Models that were modeled on Appollo Modeling Studio.
To understand the basic components of AUP we recommend to read the Application User Interface sections initially. Starting with the Login page and the Main menu, which depends on User access rights.
The AUP provides a number of functionalities.
  • The MyTasks feature provides access to the user task list of the logged in user.
  • The Processes dialog displays the list of the deployed process at the Camunda server and the possibility to start such processes manually.
  • The Functions and My Apps features list all Client Service models published to AUP.
  • The Case Management and Case Definition allows to execute case plan models for CMMN.
  • Process Monitoring is available to analyze process in real time aswell as set thresholds based on process data.
  • The Issues feature allows to create issues from AUP for running functions.
  • External System option can be used to configure the credentials to connect with the external systems using  the connectors
  • The Logging displays the logs of process instances.
In a future release AUP will contain optional features like My Cases, Calendar, News, Chat and Document Archive.
Finally administrators as well as project managers should read the Administration Guide of this section.