General Properties - UI Elements

This topic describes the Element Properties Sub TAB of the Implementation TAB for the common configuration of most of the UI elements.
The following properties are common for most of the UI Elements:
  • CSS Classes: common or specific CSS class of the UI element
  • Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right
  • UI Element Width: value can be specified in percentage and pixel
  • ID: HTML ID of the UI element
General Properties - UI Elements

CSS classes

1. CSS classes
Displays specific CSS classes of the selected UI element, if they are different from the general CSS file.

Edit CSS classes

2. Edit CSS classes
Click this button to edit specific CSS Classes for the UI element.

UI element ID

3. UI element ID
Displays the generated or user defined ID of the UI element.

Edit element ID

4. Edit element ID
Click this button to edit the element ID of the UI element.

Element field width

5. Element field width
Enter a value in percentage [%] or pixel [px] to configure the field width of the UI element.

Select horizontal alignment

6. Select horizontal alignment
Select Left, Center or Right horizontal alignment for the value of the selected UI element.
General default: Left aligned.
Default for integer or float values: Right aligned.