Low-Code User Interface Model Types

With Appollo you can build a responsive User Interface (UI) by low-code that adapts to the device of the user, automatically. Based on a flexible and nestable grid system of the three model types
together with a large set of highly configurable UI Widgets, the Appollo Modeling Studio provides you with all capabilities to create an excellent user experience for your clients.
A new UI Page can be created by using nestable UI Templates. Furthermore you can create nestable UI Templates that can also be used as a UI component within a UI Page.
Additionally, the Appollo Modeling Studio provides a so called UI Panel, which is also a nestable UI component to structure a UI Page.
Such a UI Panel can be created manually but can also be generated directly from an existing data object (see Create User Interface Model Types). Another advantage of a UI Panel is the central maintenance. If a UI Panel is modified, then all UI Pages that are referencing this UI Panel are provided with the modified UI Panel. Therefore a UI Panel is readonly within a UIM, in contrary to a UI Template, which is an editable component.
The following graphic demonstrates a UI Page, composed of nested UI Templates and nested UI Panels.