Model and Element Properties

The following sections describe the Model and Element Properties that are organized in several TAB controls:
  • General TAB - Provides general properties of the model and the elements (name, submodel, reference model)
  • Description TAB - Provides the description of the model
  • Attachments TAB - Provides upload and download possibilities of documents
  • Attributes TAB - Specification of business object attributes
  • Data TAB - Definition of data objects of a model
  • Mapping TAB - Definition of data mapping for parent-child data transfer
  • Implementation TAB - Element specific configuration and Javascript implementation
  • Validation TAB - List of model validation messages
  • Collaboration TAB - Provides model and element specific discussions
  • Issues TAB - Provides model and element specific issue management
Model and Element Properties

Select TAB

1. Select TAB
Define model properties by clicking on each TAB.