TAB Attributes - Sub TAB Values & Validation for Attribute Type String

The following screenshot describes the configuration possibilities of the Sub TAB Values & Validation of the Attributes TAB for the string type attribute.
TAB Attributes - Sub TAB Values & Validation for Attribute Type String

Enter default value

1. Enter default value
Enter the default value for the selected attribute.

Specify mandatory state

2. Specify mandatory state
Set or clear the checkbox to specify if the property is mandatory or not mandatory.
Default: not mandatory.

Specify regular expression

3. Specify regular expression
Enter a regular expression to validate the selected attribute.

Specify min. length

4. Specify min. length
Specify the minimum string length of the attribute.

Specify max. length

5. Specify max. length
Specify the maximum string length of the attribute.

Specify fixed length

6. Specify fixed length
Specify the fixed string length of the attribute (if fixed length is defined, minimum and maximum length are ignored).

Select validation function

7. Select validation function
Select a common validation script function.
Validation scripts have to be uploaded previously to Basic Components/Javascript/validation.

Specify validation script

8. Specify validation script
Enter a validation script for the selected attribute.
To validate the attribute value the variable "__value" has to be used.